Is Failing Is a Part of Life?

General News | Sep-14-2020

Is Failing Is a Part of Life?

The secret of success is to fall seven times and get up eight times.

Failure is something that no one in the world expects from them neither they would want to encounter it. Failure is something that anyone can encounter at any step of his/her life. One generally gets panic if they meet up this. Though exploring this world of it teaches a lot. Most of us consider failure as a loss but it is actually a profit. It teaches you where all you made mistakes and where perfection is required. When you know anything you made wrong you will work even harder to bring perfection to it. This will help in clear to be way better than others. People generally compare their successes and failures but that’s not the correct way. There are so many famous and successful people in this world who had been hit by failures but that only made come out stronger. Few examples of these people are Walt Disney, Bill Gates, and many more. They were hard hit by their failure but they didn’t lose hope, they didn’t decide to quit. They decided to try until success won’t be with them. Today we all know Bill Gates and Walt Disney due to their ultimate hard work and their success. Scientists have always been hit by various failures when their experiments don’t come out to be perfect. However, they keep on trying and then their success comes in their hands.

In conclusion, we can only say that failure is not the opposite of success it’s a part of one’s life.


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