Is Sports Less Significant in India?

General News | Feb-04-2021

Is Sports Less Significant in India?

The simple and straightforward answer to this question would be yes from my side. The reason is obvious, it is the society we live in. Though I am fully aware that it is not everywhere in India, people are changing their thoughts regarding sports as being a significant career in the future for children and also its importance for physical growth. But still, it has not gained that much importance that it holds in reality. 

We have seen that schools and colleges have started giving importance to it by keeping it under the subject of physical education which is also compulsory in some of them. But if we compare physical education to other subjects taught in schools and colleges, it is nowhere to stand out among others, please note that I am not pointing to all the schools and colleges but sure many because of which we can say that yes sports are less significant in India because school is a place where student's overall development happens which also includes physical growth.

But I don't blame the education system fully, the society is the main reason behind it. If parents are not interested to send their children to sports activities then what the system can do? They too need more admissions of students but if they will not follow what society demands then it's very difficult to get students in their classes. 

But yes, the situation is better than before. Though it has a long way to go and also learn from other countries the importance of it.

By: Prachi Sachdev

Birla Balika Vidyapeeth, Pilani