Is There Any Difference Between Sports And Games?

Many of us think that sports and games are synonyms as they seem to be the same, but actually they are not. Yes, there is a difference between sports and games. To understand the difference between games and sports firstly we should know that they are two different terms. If we talk about sports, it is an activity that needs physical effort with mental expertise. In sports, one has fully dedicated to physical energy with the feeling of competition. A person who is playing sports is known as a sportsperson or an athlete. There is a beautiful example of sports that is Cycling. The result depends upon the sportsperson only if he/she rides well then the result will be good and if he/she rides bad then the result will be bad. So we can say that sports represent an individual person whereas games represent a team or two individual people playing against each other. In games achievement of a goal is dependent upon the team. Let's take an example of cricket, in this game achievement depends on the team although each player is playing in a collective manner, so cricket is a game that represents a team consist of 11 individual players. The feeling of competition is there in sports and in games, there is a feeling of amity. Olympics is a game that is played with a sense of friendship among the countries. The participant in games is called players whereas in sports they are known as a sportsperson. In sports the potential of an individual is tested but not in games. Enjoyment is the purpose of the games and sports as well. There are some rules and regulations for the sports and the games on that basis it is played.

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