Is video game a Sport?

General News | Sep-15-2020

Is video game a Sport?

You may have heard about the E-sports or electronic sports a form of organized, multiplayer video game competition often takes place between professional players, individually or as teams. There are many clubs participating in E-sports and have their own rules and regulations.  By the word, ‘Sports’ few things that strike in our mind could be competition, cohesiveness, physical activity, stadium, etc.
Video games should be considered as sports as it too involves competition, concentration, skill, teamwork, and entertainment.

  • Competition: The team competes against opponents to obtain a common goal. Similarly, in video games, players compete with opposite team members in hope of achieving victory. For instance, if you are alone and competing. Winning a game would be your first priority. It is one of the easiest points to prove as competition is all around us.
  • Concentration: E-sports increase one’s concentration power as players observe each and every movement and sound. For example, games like Player’s Unknown Battle Grounds needs full attention and a focused mind. A player must act smartly and should know the way to make his/her next move and defeat one’s enemy.
  • Skill: Many companies conduct E-sports tournaments, matches, contests, and different competitions and offer players with certificates, awards, and cash prizes. Skill plays an important role as a highly-skilled and professional gamer could beat easily and efficiently and could also be an asset for your team. Each team must have a player with good skills or IGL, also known as ‘In-Game Leader’ who could lead and act as a support system for a team.
  • Teamwork: Whether it is physical or virtual, Sports teach us the value of teamwork and the way people compete with the opposite team to obtain a common goal in a healthy manner. The team helps us to know our roles, norms, values, and social status in society. Coordination, Cohesiveness, and teamwork go hand in hand. Hence, it also maintains a healthy balance within the members.
  • Entertainment: We all know playing video games is fun and entertaining. But people also enjoy watching E-sport tournaments and streaming. People watch their favorite gamer and try to copy and learn from them. By voting and expecting from their favorite player to win, people show their tremendous respect, love, and support towards the game and player.

According to this year, The Intel Extreme Masters World Championship was the most-watched E-sport event, watched by more than 46 million online viewers.

By- Sakshi Bhardwaj