Jamaican Athletes Are the World's Best Sprinters

General News | Jul-29-2022

Jamaican Athletes Are the World's Best Sprinters

At the International Level, all the Nations send their Best Athletes to compete among the best athletes in the world. But as observed, the best sprinters of the world always come from Jamaican origin. We all must have heard about Usain Bolt who is the fastest sprinter in the World and is also a Jamaican who has won 8 gold medals completing a 100 m race in the time we write it which is dust 9.5 seconds. Besides Usain, the second fasted man, 'Yohan Blake' is also Jamaican and even the fourth is Jamaican. So, the question is why is this tiny Caribbean Island conducive to producing a very fast population that can represent at International Level? The top 4 reasons why "Jamaican Athletes Are the World's Best Sprinters" include:

1) Variation in Gene: As observed the presence of the ACE Gene in successful sprinters is a major factor in why Jamaican Sprinters are the Best. This is because the ACE Gene present in the Jamaicans makes them likely to have a larger than average heart which eventually means more oxygen pumped to the muscles. Since this gene is more commonly found in people of African descent and in Jamaica it is found even more frequently which makes Jamaicans more athletic.

2) Presence of Nutrients in Jamaican soil: The Jamaican Soil is high in aluminum ore deposits which help a lot during the first three months of pregnancy and can contribute to the development of Fast-Twitch muscle fibers. The Green Bananas can help with energy content and 'hypo-steroid' found in Yams are both stables of Jamaica diet.

3) Hydration Campaigns: Being prone to Intense climate and temperature there have always been hydration problems and a need to promote water consumption to avoid dehydration issues in Jamaica.

4) Focus on Sprinting in Jamaica: There has been a lack of Sporting equipment due to which sprinting became one of the primary focus in Jamaica. This contributes to the increased focus on Sprinting contests organized in Jamaica which bring together talent in abundance and concentrate on track and field as the primary sport.

By : Parth Aggarwal
S. D. Public School