Khokho: A Game or a Sport?

General News | Dec-06-2020

Khokho: A Game or a Sport?

The first thing we must understand is what the difference between a game and a sport is. The easiest way to explain is by the comparison of the art and craft class to the science class. Both are subjects we study in our school, both are subjects that have their own periods and both are subjects that are taught by teachers. But the difference is that in science we have a test and their marks are added in the report cards and thus it is taken as a serious subject while on the other hand art is not as it does not have tests and its marks are not really added n the repots card. The same way is games and sports. Games are like arts and crafts, they don’t really have a good reputation or something they just exist on the other had sports are like the gods of games, they have a good reputation and all. Kho – Kho is a sport that many people consider a game, but these people are wrong. Sure not long Kho – Kho used to be a game but now it has made its way up the ladder and has become a well-recognized sport. It may not be as popular as basketball or football though it can’t be considered as insignificant as tick tack toe or ice and water. So, in the end, I would like to say that Kho – Kho is a really inspirational sport as it made its way up from being a not so well know game to a great sport and is still climbing the ladder of fame.


Amity International School, Mayur Vihar