Let’s Define Success

General News | May-08-2021

Let’s Define Success

We often come across the word or term success. Generally, we understand the term success to have fame, money, power, and stability ultimately. However, we don't know the actual definition of it. We don't have an idea of the road map to achieve it. So let's Define Success. Success is when you're satisfied with what you've achieved. It's when you aspire you dream and you finally become. Success is a dish in which a few spices we need to add. They all are hard work, dedication, strength, punctuality, and sincerity.

Success will be incomplete without a source of motivation. Thus we must motivate ourselves always. Keeping yourselves motivated will always inspire you to work harder than ever. However, the most important factor is the ability to face obstacles. Success is full of ups and downs. Any successful person in this world goes through lots and lots of struggles and breakdowns. The unique thing they have in themselves is to be positive about everything. Behind each failure, there's a reason. There's a cause. There's a mistake. Success can only be achieved by a positive vision of things. If you achieve failure think about it optimistically. Try to correct your mistakes, that will bring a 360° turn in your life. What is the formula for success? It's quite simple. Just Double the rate of your failure. We think of it as the enemy of success. We must not be discouraged by it we need to learn from it. The day we understand that success will be achieved. We must make mistakes!! Because remember that's where we'll find success.

By- Aanya Pandey 

Delhi World Public School