Mysteries Of Jagannath Temple That Defy Scientific Logic

General News | May-17-2020

Mysteries Of Jagannath Temple That Defy Scientific Logic

Jagannath Temple in Puri is additionally known for certain puzzles that oppose any logical clarification. Individuals who accept these riddles are really gifts of Lord Jagannath. You have to visit this temple to trust it.

1.The sanctuary banner that makes no sense

The banner on the sanctuary oddly consistently glides the other way of wind. The banner coasting inverse way carries your logical thinking to a stop, and you simply will, in general, accept that there is some power more impressive than science.

2. The Sudarshan Chakra

The chakra is really 20 ft high and gauges a ton. It is fitted on the sanctuary. In any case, what is intriguing about this chakra is that, you can see this chakra from any side of the Puri city. The building secret behind the setting and situating of chakra is as yet a riddle on the grounds that regardless of your position, you can generally feel that the chakra is looking toward you.

3. No planes, no feathered creatures fly over the sanctuary

You will be amazed to realize that no winged animals or planes fly over the sanctuary. Conversely, such a perspective is an irregularity at some other sanctuary in India. The site is a no-fly zone really, which has not been pronounced by any state powers, however by some celestial force. This marvel additionally obviously has no clarification. It despite everything stays a puzzle.

4. The sanctuary structure

The structure of the sanctuary is with the end goal that it doesn't cast any shadow at some random time. It despite everything stays to be deciphered whether it is a building wonder or a marvel that can be credited distinctly to the awesome power.

5. The sea mystery

In any piece of the world, you more likely than not saw that during the daytime, the breeze from the ocean goes to the land, while the breeze from the land blows toward the ocean at night. Notwithstanding, in Puri, the geological laws are likewise switched. Here, the polar opposite thing occurs.

6. An 1800-year-old custom

Consistently a minister moves on the sanctuary, which is as tall as 45 stories working, to change the banner. This ceremonial has been set up for a long time. It is accepted that if this custom is ever missed, the sanctuary will stay shut for the following 18 years.

7. The prasadam puzzle

Nothing goes squandered in Jagannath Temple. Contingent upon the day, records express that 2,000 to 20,000 enthusiasts visit the sanctuary. Be that as it may, the amount of prasadam, which is cooked in the sanctuary, continues as before consistently. However, the prasadam never gets squandered or is inadequate at whatever day.

8. The cooking method of prasadam

Pots are really used to cook this unique delicacy utilizing kindling. 7 pots are utilized for this and they are set one on another. Intriguing to note here is that the substance of the highest pot gets cooked first, trailed by the base pots.

By-Suvarna Gupta

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