Mystery Of Michael Jackson's Death

General News | Jul-21-2020

Mystery Of Michael Jackson's Death

Michael Jackson: Died, Murdered or Still Alive

The great dancer and singer Michael Joseph Jackson died 11 years back on 25 June 2009. An American singer born on 29 August 1958. The most significant cultural figure of the 20th century was Michael Jackson and one of the greatest entertainers of his time. Jackson's contribution was great in music, dance, and fashion. He had seven siblings and made his first debut with his brothers in 1964. In 1980 his name was under many controversies because of random change in his appearance, behavior, lifestyle, relationships. He was held for questioning of sexually abusing a child of his family friend. Jackson is the best selling music, pop, and dance artist of all time. Michael Jackson's death is still a conspiracy for the world.

Michael Jackson died naturally, murdered or he is still alive. Nothing is clear about Jackson's death. If it was a natural death then according to some resources it was a cardiac attack. And according to some others, he died because of some drug combination in his body. The dance and music legend was heavily addicted to the drugs and use to inject drugs daily with the medication of Dr. Conrad Murray. Somehow Jackson's doctor is responsible for Jackson's death, he was found guilty and sentenced 2 years of jail. On the other hand, if it was a murder then who murdered the great legend and why? Jackson's daughter, Paris once in her old interview said that she truly believes that her father was murder and Jackson's cardiac attack was just a setup to rescue the murderer. His doctor was accused to slow poising him and can be a murderer.

Last but not the least theory believes that Jackson is still alive and faked his death because of his heavy debt. He was spotted at the border crossing from California to Mexico and more than one person saw him at that time. However, his postmortem report confirmed that the dead body as of Jackson.

By - Aditya Raj Awasthi

Class 6

Pinnacle National School