Overview of Golf

General News | Sep-28-2020

Overview of Golf


It is one of those sports which uses a ball, a small one sure but then how would you hit a big ball with a stick?? Ya so hope now you have a fair idea about the thing you would need to play golf! A stick and a ball so easy right??

Well, it is not. You see you need a club, not a stick and not any ball but a golf ball. So, golf is played on a field it is a big, very big…. I mean an extremely big place filled with green grass and a few trees here and there.

So that is golf. But there is more too!! Golf is a sport that interests a lot of people and I have heard many people say that they are scared of the flying ball in cricket so for them all I can say is you are in luck because you don’t have balls flying into you in golf.

The ball is literally kept on the ground and then we can hit it with ease. It is as easy as that. No worry about getting hit, or not being ready on time or a fly in the eye and the other player threw the ball at you. No worries. So, if you are one of those people and can relate to me then golf is the sport for you!!

So, you must try it!!!!

By: Ruchita 
Class: 9 
Amity International School, Mayur Vihar