Painting As A Form Of Art

General News | Nov-18-2023

Painting As A Form Of Art

Painting is a powerful expressive communication language that one can easily convey and doesn’t necessarily depend on using words to express its meaning as it can be used to express different situations and opinions such as political, cultural, educational, entertainment, historical, and various other views about the world we live in.

Paintings can be considered to be the most valuable records of ancient or we can say modern history and culture as they can reveal extensive information in a broader sense of the world. It is a creative and visualizing form that one can try to communicate the unfamiliar and the non-existent worlds that are created by the feelings and visualizations of the artist because we humans are visual creatures, what we see influences our moods, thoughts, and feelings.
Painting is an art that has survived for thousands of years along with sculpture and drawing and is considered to be one of the oldest significant creative media which brings elements such as drawing, composition, gesture, narration, and abstract art. Classification of the paintings is made based on the genre and the main object such as landscapes, abstract, and pop art are the different types of painting genres that are popular among artists.

Paintings are known as the rich cultural diversity of India and as also reflected in the clear, different, and enchanting folk art and crafts as its various styles of paintings are prevalent across various regions which tend to represent customs, traditions, and ideologies from one generation to the other. Wall paintings are known to be the most of the Indian painting styles as with time, urbanisation brought these paintings forms on paper, cloth, stone, canvas, etc. Some of the popular Indian folk painting styles are Madhubani Painting, Warli Painting, Kalighat Painting or Bengal Pat, Phad Painting, Kalamkari Painting, Miniature Painting, Gond Painting, Kerala Murals, Patachitra, Picchwai Painting.

Painting plays a significant role in the field of art because, with time, it helps to eradicate negative emotions about a painter’s progress and skills and provides happiness and pleasure for the individual. Painting also helps to boost self-confidence and inspires people to reach new levels of skill as it is also responsible for strengthening an environment where artists feel safe to experiment with their creativity.
Thus, painting is defined as the expression of ideas and emotions, with the creation of aesthetic qualities of visual language which includes elements to define such as shapes, lines, colors, textures, and tones.

By: Jashmeet Kaur

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