Parent - Child Relation : Time Giving Equation

General News | Sep-10-2020

Parent - Child Relation : Time Giving Equation

In today's busy scenario, everyone is engaged in the hustles and bustles of life. Parents are always stuck in household chores, working activities, earning money, etc. They hardly find some time for their children rather than ordinary day talks. Children often feel stressed by life problems and need somebody's support and guidance. They prefer to seek help from their friends and sometimes take the wrong path. Parents realize their mistake when it is too late. Therefore, to avoid this situation a healthy bond between parents and children is very crucial.

First of all, parents need to become their children's' best friend and companion. They should give space to their children. Parents can help their children in doing homework and can understand their child's performance. This will help them in giving their child proper support and guidance. This will also make a strong bond between parents and children.

A solid bond between parents and children is an indispensable part of a healthy relationship. Parents should keep some time for their children and play with them interesting games. They can play board games, outdoor games, video games, mind building games, etc. They can watch TV shows and movies together. This will make their children happy and they will enjoy it. They can do fun-loving activities and make sweet memories together.

Parents can support their children by sharing positive experiences of their life. This will bring positivity in their child's life. Parents should also take care of their child's interests. They should listen to their children and understand their feelings. They should make sure that their child can confide in them easily and shares his/ her stories, school talks, and everything with them. They should make their child feel comfortable with the surroundings.

In their busy schedule, parents should save at least half an hour every day and should spend 'quality time' with their children. They should try to make every moment special and memorable. Life is short and one should spend time with their loved ones. Rather than giving gifts to children, parents should give them their time. Parents should spend twice as much time as they can with their children. No amount of money or success can take the place of time spent with loved ones. Hence, the quality time spent between parents and children is necessary for a happy and longlasting relationship. 

By: Avni Nagpal

Class; 11 

SD Public School