Power Of Practicing More

What is the power of practicing more? The power of practicing more is that you can learn the topic you are learning more clearly. Now, why do we learn? We learn because we want to be intelligent but if we do not practice what we have learned how can we remember it in the future? The things we learn can be very useful in the future. I hope you have heard the quote "Practice makes a man perfect''. So it means that practice makes a man perfect at his topic.

Look practice not only makes us perfect but it also helps us understand the topic more carefully. So suppose I am studying Maths so if l practice my Maths sums again and again then l will start understanding it more clearly. Some people feel proud and say that they do not need to practice but they don't know that they cannot remember anything if they do not practice. The practice is a very useful power for the future. Now we all know that practicing is very very very important for us to remember all the topics. Now let us talk about what will happen if we do not practice. If we do not practice we will forget everything and in the future, we will suffer. Because what we learn is what we apply in the future. So whatever you learn or whatever you do you must always practice that. So promise yourselves that you will practice hard and hard when you learn something new.

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