Procrastination & Why do We Do It

General News | Feb-06-2021

Procrastination & Why do We Do It

Study shows that 88 percent of people procrastinate at least one hour a day. Procrastination refers to postponing work for no valid reason. This ends up delaying the work and exceeding the deadline. There's always a start time, but no end time of when the work would be finished. Sometimes, it even happens that we don't get it done. Procrastination has never been worthy for human beings. It has indeed destroyed our overall well-being. 

There a lot of benefits if we put an end to procrastination. Such as,

  • Reduces Anxiety- Higher the human body procrastinates, the higher are the chances of anxiety that would increase inside us due to the pending work which keeps us disturbed throughout the day. What to do? Come out from the shackles of procrastination and get things done at the desired time. 

  • Self- Discipline- Procrastination leads to lower self-discipline among humans, as they come out from their disciplined life and start postponing their tasks without any reason. Once we beat procrastination, the self-discipline mode would be automatically activated in our bodies. 

  • Better output- When we work in a disciplined manner, this gives us good output and fruitful work. We work with less stress and anxiety which does not hinder our work and gives us a chance to perform better in our niche. 

But, how does one stop procrastinating? What are the reasons that become a hindrance between the battle of humans and procrastination?

  • No specific reason- Sometimes, we don’t even realize what work we are doing and why are we doing it. We just do it for no reason, and end up procrastinating after a certain period. Do things that satisfy you internally as well as externally. Don't do things for the sake of respect and recognition. When you have put your heart and soul into the work, you will be automatically recognized by the people around you. 

  • Fear- There are various kinds of fear that make us procrastinate. Such as fear of failing, getting rejected by someone, working hard, and many other reasons. The only way through which we can overcome this is by focusing on what going on in present. 

  • Lack of Knowledge- If you don't know how to a certain job, then you wouldn't be able to do it. The best way is to learn it, and then perform it. You will never be able to begin if you think you wouldn't be able to do it. We must adopt an active mindset to beat procrastination. Try these remedies and see the changes that would take place in you.

           By: Stuti Singh