Qualities Of A Good Sportsman

General News | Jan-08-2022

Qualities Of A Good Sportsman

In this modern world the people despite their hectic, busy, and stressed schedule the people always support various kinds of sports which are preferred by their country audience. Every sport gets the fans' support from some good sportsman in that particular sport. By that sportsman, every sport gets fans' love and support. The sportsman has some unique qualities by which they attract the viewers towards themselves and their sport. Some qualities of a good sportsman are:

(1) Leadership: A sportsman should have the quality to lead the team whenever the captain of the team gets difficulties in the game. A sportsman should be a companion to the whole team and captain in the difficult situation of the game and help the team to lead towards a victory. Leadership is a quality that should be present in that person who could support and able to understand the team

(2) Self-Confidence: A sportsman should have the quality to be self-confident. A sportsman should have the faith in himself/ herself to overcome the pressure of the game and play their own game to gain confidence. If the sportsman will show confidence in their game then he/she will score well in every match and the team management will show confidence in that sportsman.

(3) Team-Spirit: A sportsman should have the quality to maintain team spirit in the team in and out of the field. The team should have a friendly nature in and out of the field. There should be no envious kind of feeling in the team towards each other. All the members should consider each other at an equal level. So there should be a sportsman who will maintain the team spirit.

(4) Calmness: This is a very important quality that a sportsman should have which is to be calm in every situation of the game. Being calm in a pressure situation is a very important quality of the sportsman. By being calm a sportsman can make the right decision in their pressure situation of the game also.

(5) Respecting Others: A sportsman should have the quality to respect their fellow teammates also. A sportsman should always listen to and respect other players' opinions. If a sportsman Is better than some other players then also he/she should respect each other and their talent. The sportsman should not feel jealous of each other's achievements despite this they should respect each other's talent and appreciate it.

By : Parth Aggarwal
S. D. Public School