Qualities of a Good Student

You must have heard this in your lifestyle by your parents or from your teachers to be a 'GOOD STUDENT'. But have you ever wondered! What's it and the way one could become it?

Being a good student doesn't just mean scoring high marks in your daily tests. It also means one must have a love for learning, a passion for knowledge, and a hunger to develop one's academic skills.

Listed below several qualities of a good student:

  1. A good student must have a Growth Mindset: Often people confuse a growth mindset with being open-minded or flexible. But, different people are a different combination or mixture of fixed and growth mindsets, which mixture continually evolves with experience. The concept of Growth Mindset was developed by psychologist Carol Dweck and popularized in her book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. According to her, It's a "self-perception" or "self-theory" that folks hold about themselves.
  2. One who is Goal-Oriented. : A goal-oriented student must have reasons for engaging in various achievement behaviors during a particular situation. These reasons could also be 'To Learn', 'To Do Better than Others', or 'To Avoid Failures'.
  3. A good student must be organized properly. Organizing things are some things that oldsters could teach to their children. There are numerous subjects with different teachers which create confusion in the child's mind. In order to avoid it, the student must be highly organized by maintaining proper diaries, planners, time-tables, and study and sleep schedule.
  4. A good student must be Consistent as well as Persistent: Learning may be a slow process that needs both consistency and persistence.  The process isn't hard but requires the willingness to practice. Nowadays, consistency is becoming less common in teenagers. Some fields most suffering by them are mathematics, music, and languages. In each of these fields, there must be a mastery of some basic skills that only come with practice.
  5.  A good student must know how to deal with Failure: Failures are important, or I might say it's one of the best tools within the learning process. A famous proverb says, 'Try Try until you succeed' which explains to us that the rationale why many of us cannot achieve life is because they stop after they fail. Nobody is a failure as long as they keep trying. The teachings we learn from our failures will help us or maybe achieve later attempts.

By- Sakshi Bhardwaj

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