Rare Sports: Top 5 Sports People Didn't Know Of

General News | Sep-26-2020

Rare Sports: Top 5 Sports People Didn't Know Of

Most of you are maybe well aware of different sports such as football, basketball, tennis, badminton, athletics, and so many more!! But………How many more of you know about sports such as Underwater Hockey, Toe Wrestling, and Ostrich Racing, etc???? Well, I guess not many of you!! So let me tell you some of the Rare Sports in the world!! On the first position is a sport filled with laughter and a lot of cuteness!! If you have not guessed it no problem!!

It is a BABY Olympics!!! Yes, an Olympics for babies!! You might find it to be wired but when you see it once you will be in love with all the cuteness it has. Toddlers running around the field, doing gymnastics, and soo much more!!

Well, I know you want to know more about them but we need to move forward as the players in the next sport are fast and won’t wait or anyone!! Now we are going to read about a race, but… you all know about races so wants special about this one?? Well!! It’s an ostrich race. As one the track is the fastest birds in the world read to run and win a gold medal!!! And catching up with them will be very hard. So let’s slow down the things a bit!!

Let’s go to someone who will give us a break but are working hard to win. Now straight out of the movie turbo, we have snail racing. Yup, are little slow friends will race each other to reach the end of a table and bring smiles on our face!!! Now, football is everyone's favorite and one of the most loved and cutest animals is the dog, so what will happen if we merge passion with love and cuteness?? The next rare sport as you might have guessed till now is dog football. It likes normal football just that it’s more of a paw ball than a football! Now, last but not the least is a game that needs muscles, as well as brains and I, mean it literally, the next game is chess boxing it is a hybrid that combines two traditional pastimes: chess and boxing. The competitors compete in alternating rounds of chess and boxing.

Well, we are done for today but will see about more new thinks later till then 

Auf Wiedersehen!! 

By: Ruchita 

Class 9

Amity International School, Mayur Vihar