Relationship Of Drawing And Creativity Of Our Brain

General News | Jul-20-2020

Relationship Of Drawing And Creativity Of Our Brain

According to some recent research, drawing develops our brain. "People, who are good at drawing have more developed part of the brain, procedural memory that controls fine motor performance". For a few of us, drawing or creativity is a passion, for others, it's a hobby and the rest would like to just admire other's creativity in art. When we start drawing our brain starts developing itself in a very positive way and become better.

Painter Pablo Picasso once said," Art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life any type of visual art like Painting, Drawing, Sculpting, Designing, Collaring fill one's self with positivity". The brain has three regions for a different task but when we talk about creativity, not any one part is dedicated, all three give different ideas and when we talk about drawing our left side of the brain is the master. A study has found the brain of the people involved in drawing or creativity or in both have structurally different brains than others creativity and drawing both enhance the brain but not overnight.

When the brain scan of the people engaged in creative tasks is compared with those who are not at all involves in creative tasks more connection among the areas of the brain commonly associated with three networks is found. In the end I would like to suggest that everyone should do something creative and related to drawing and art for the development, peace, and positivity of mind.

By: Aditya Raj Awasthi

Class 6

Pinnacle National School