Rise in Population Growth

General News | Oct-12-2020

Rise in Population Growth

The rise in population growth is might be the biggest problem in this world. There are many disadvantages and only one advantage. First is deforestation more the people more the buildings. If the free area of building finishes. So, people will start cutting down trees to free the area and people will need a furniture in their place. So, for that, they have to do that. Second is managing the people, as the Government has to manage the whole population. Their needs, jobs, etc, and also they have to control the crimes as the population will grow, the crime rate will also increase as the population grows. Third and the biggest disadvantage is poverty, as of COVID times people’s jobs are gone. To recover the things, it will take years and you also know that as the years go population rises. So, when everything recovers still poverty rate will be high (might be higher than in COVID times). As the jobs will be filled, the rest of the people who were left will be in big poverty. One day, the Population will shrink vastly as poor people will die rapidly. The death of people after the growth is injustice (in my guess). The only advantage is (if most of the population is teenagers) that the country’s growth will touch high as they grow up and might help in developing the country. As in most of my articles. There is a solution to every problem but this time this solution will work only if the country is strong or powerful. The solution is that the country should apply a one-child policy for everyone. The population will increase but the rate will be slow. For poor countries, they have to wait until those countries develop that enough to apply the one-child policy. There is still time to stop over population as epidemics take place and goes away in a good time.

Ansh Srivastava 

Class: 5

Delhi Public School, GBN