Rising Population of India Could Be Turned into an Asset

General News | Nov-17-2020

Rising Population of India Could Be Turned into an Asset

When we hear the word 'Population' most of us see a small room with people stuffed in it. People pushing each other for more space, sweating like pigs, fights breaking out, people starving, the place is as filthy as pig homes. That results in seeing population as a liability.

But some of us who see a room filled with innovations and people making the best of their small rooms, they have by working together, by seeing population as an asset.

The population can be an asset or a liability. It made it as an asset is way better. An asset is something or in this case, someone who is helping in the growth of the country. Some examples of people who are assets to our country are Ashok Rajgopal (Doctor), Vinod Dham (engineer), Ram Nath Kovind (president), Narendra Damodardas Modi (prime minister).

These people help in the growth and development of India and thus are big assets. A person if provided with proper health care and education does not remain a liability but becomes a great asset to its country. Countries need to provide their population with health care and education.

E.g., in Japan, money has invested on the human resource that is a lot of money spent to change its high population to an asset from liability by providing it with proper education and health care facilities.

Japan was a country with hardly any resources, today, it becomes a rich and wealthy country. All this prosperity of Japan happened due to its investment in human resource.

Thus a large population of India is not a liability but an asset in disguise.


Amity International School, Mayur Vihar