Role of Sports Psychologist

General News | Feb-12-2021

Role of Sports Psychologist

A psychologist is needed everywhere; all the fields where human beings are present or working because the mental health of each and every human is important to be taken care of.  Whether it is industry or crime zone, psychology is needed to interpret what is going on in mind and why we are behaving in the way.

Sports psychologist helps in dealing with sports person's mental health problems. After all, people who play sports are also human beings with minds that need to be repaired whenever damaged. They help in understanding the impact of one's performance in a match or that match's impact on his/her performance in the upcoming matches. If such problems have remained unsolved then it leads to mental health issues and also bad performances in matches.

Problems like lack of motivation, anxiety issues, negative thoughts, etc are faced by sportspeople during their journey. For this, a sports psychologist who has a degree in counseling helps them just like any other psychologist. 

Sports psychologists conduct meetings either individually or in a group to have a thorough talk on what is troubling them internally. Also, sports psychologist helps sportsperson to make strategies and guide them in improving their performances.

Many times, it is not the lack of practice or techniques that lead to bad performance, but it can be the mindset which decreases the efficiency. Maybe the sportsperson came to the field with the mindset of losing because he/she feels that he/she is not prepared to win against the opposition. And in reality, it is not about the preparation but his/her fear of losing like the way he/she lost in a previous match. For such concerns, a sports psychologist can help them

By: Prachi Sachdev

Birla Balika Vidyapeeth, Pilani