Role of Teachers in Shaping One’s Future

General News | Sep-21-2020

Role of Teachers in Shaping One’s Future

A teacher is only the one who helps his/her student in the school and improves their personality. She/he is the only one that clears the doubts and helps them understand the concepts. A good teacher always supports his/her students. They give the ability to a student to study and become independent. His/her perseverance is the one that makes a student take interest in studies. A teacher never abandons. She/he develops the students and makes them a better human. Their future is dependent on the teacher. The more the teacher puts the effort into the student, the more the students learn and develop the skills. So, the teachers are only the ones that shape one's future. Because of our teachers, we all are in this position. We should thank our teachers for this great help.

Teachers engage students to participate actively, they tell how to do teamwork, they tell them how to be heroic, honest and tell them to help others. They basically inculcate all the values which help a student to be a successful person. They provide an environment where the students face challenging assignments, tests, etc.

Teachers help students understand their strengths and weaknesses. As a student, I will say that teaching is the most important profession as they create all those professions that run the whole world.

On this Teacher's Day our prime minister Narendra Modi also said that- 'Mothers give us birth but teachers give us life.'

One said right that- 'Teachers are those who help, find strength, wipe away tears, overpower demons and conquer fears.'

By- Utkarsh Garg

Class- 5

Sri Venkateshwar International School