Should College Athletes Get Paid?

General News | Aug-22-2020

Should College Athletes Get Paid?

An important quarrel coming from those who deny paying college athletes is the expected difficulty involved with implementing such a move. The following are just some of the questions that speckle the difficulties: Who will pay the college athletes (the NCAA or colleges)? How continually will they receive pay? Will there be an earning cap? The main query regards the impartial application of paying college athletes, namely who will get paid and who won’t. The attributes of the new NCAA rules are still being discussed, and will need input from contrasting state legislators and sports associations. However, since the debate was first precipitated over the NCAA’s income from broadcasting, the answer seems easy: Theoretically, the athletes to get paid should the ones playing the sports that escort in the big money, namely, men’s college basketball and football players. College Football and Basketball players in specific are the ones who provide a good time for fans who are inclined to pay to watch the games, so they deserve to get paid. In its regnant, the NCAA has differentiated between layman athletes and potential professional athletes, i.e., those most likely to be enlisted by professional teams. Time will tell who eventually benefits from this decision.

One of the best outlook of college sports is the players’ eagerness. Their love and crucifixion for their respective game is commendable and infectious. But, there is a drawback; in their ardour to play their best, many college athletes endure serious injuries that sometime impetuously end their career.

Setting apart the disturbing fact that a career-ending injury will stop their scholarship, those college contenders put their bodies at risk of permanent damage, without being paid. Hurting your knee might leave you hobble for the rest of your life. Agonising concussions  can cause dementia and depression, not to broach CTE. Those college athletes who put their frane on the line for each training session and game they play are rightful to be paid for the health risks they are taking.

It's usual to think paying college athletes can minimize from the purity of the game and decay that magic. But it won't. The passion viewers see on the field is assigned to the fact that there is no money involved. However, that’s not exactly precise. Big firms are profiting off of college athletes, namely, asking them to wear brand clothing during games without remunerating them to do so. As such, these players feel worn. And rightly so. The new rule permitting them to get paid shows that the NCAA and fans are really concerned about conserving the virtue of college sports.