Should Parents Monitor Child During Adolescence?

General News | Jul-14-2022

Should Parents Monitor Child During Adolescence?

Adolescence is a very critical age for any child where numerous changes take place in a Child's Mind and Body. It is the time when a child is hit by Puberty and hence the period of Sexual Maturation. This Period is extremely significant to shape or mold a child's future. If any crosses this Adolescent period with calmness and maturity, it will improve the complete life of the child. But mostly during the Adolescent period, the Child often becomes furious and aggressive and considers only himself to be correct do not want the parents to check or monitor their activity. They consider the parents wrong and don't want that the parents interfere in their world.

But as a parent in this new online world, it is the responsibility of the parent to correct their child and protect him from the dangers where there are predators and now largely social media scans. As a parent, we always try to keep our children safe and capable to face the dangerous world. But the children's online and offline privacy is a matter of debate because both the parents and the children are correct on their part. The children don't want the parents to monitor them during Adolescence but the parents as a future aspect find it essential and must correct the child and control them from diverting in the wrong direction or indulging in incorrect groups or activities.

Hence Privacy may be a privilege for the child but it may also help parents in monitoring their children without interfering with their personal space. They can give their child decent time to keep their privacy and also encourage them to build a better relationship with their parents so that children can share their thoughts and feelings with their parents.

By : Parth Aggarwal
S. D. Public School