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More and more  television  manufacturers are manufacturing Smart TVs.  Although they are different  in some ways most of them use the same technology. Smart TVs can be linked to the  internet using a setup box, a cable or wireless adapter. As more and more broadcasting companies are showing videos  on demand Smart TVs are an funding for the future.

Some decades ago watching television was a completely unlike experience. If you were favoured you had a handful of channels you could watch. Depending on your rooftop antenna and the signal you got reception was sometimes not good and during storms the signal was lost altogether.

In the 1970s cable TV provide viewers a choice of several different programs, not only from the local area. The entry of videon recorders allowed viewers to record their shows during the nighttime or while they were on holidays. Satellite television in the 80s and 90s allow people access to hundreds of TV channels from around the world. In the last decade Internet television has been growing quickly.
Smart TV today offers the user a new way of choosing  content from the thousands of entertainment items. Content is often divided into genres, so you when you select comedy a Smart TV can offer not only the shows and movies that are currently being shown on various TV channels but also display comedy clips on YouTube, Vimeo or other video networks. Smart TV provide its  audience  a broader selection of what they want to watch. Internet companies like  Amazon, iTunes and Netflix are already offering hundreds of on demand TV shows and pay per view movies that you can download and watch on your TV.

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