Sport is a Universal Language

General News | Dec-19-2020

Sport is a Universal Language

Millions of people everywhere on the planet enjoy sport, whether or not they enjoying participating in it, or watching it. this is often one among The explanations that sport is such an efficient thanks to meet new people and make new friends: albeit you don’t speak an equivalent language, you’ll be ready to communicate through your shared interest.

I am one of those many people that enjoy sport, with climbing and running being my main activities. So it made sense that after I moved to France to figure during school that I should attempt to still do both. I succeeded to find a running club, and somewhere to climb, and after being here for less than three weeks I even have already got such a lot out of climbing and running with French.

Going to the French running club for the primary time was a touch daunting. What if I couldn’t understand them? What if they couldn’t understand me? I needn’t have worried. As we were preparing for our run, the heavens opened and rain came pouring down. Despite speaking a special language, it had been clear we were all thinking an equivalent thing: are we actually getting to go running during this weather? We decided yes. searching for the window at the heavy rain, you'll are forgiven for thinking that we were mad to travel running in such weather! I felt comfortable with my fellow runners immediately, and it had been through our shared enthusiasm for running that we became friends.

Raghav Saxena

Birla School, Pilani