Sporting Tools

General News | Sep-09-2020

Sporting Tools
Sporting tools are really important in any sport, they vary according to the sports you are playing. It is impossible to play a sport without the respective tools, there are many sporting tools like volleyball, nets, helmet, swimming goggles, shuttle, and many more. Sporting tools have evolved because sports have started to require more protective gear to prevent injuries. 
Maintainance Of Sporting Tools 
Sporting tools such as Boxing gloves, headgear, knee guard, and many more should be kept in a dry place free from moisture. We should never store equipment that is wet first we should let it dry then store it. 
Examples of sports and tools used for both playing and safety :
1) Volleyball
-A flat court 
-Knee guard 
2) Rugby
-Long rugby socks 
-Boots with studs 
-Rugby ball 
-Safety helmet
-Knee pad 
3) Ice Hockey
- Helmet
- Shoulder pads 
- elbow pads  
- mouthguard  
- heavily padded shorts 
4) Kabaddi
- Half shirt and short pants 
- shoes 
-arms and knee support 
- Racket 
- shuttlecock 
- Badminton shoes 
- Ankle pad ( by choice )
- ball 
- bat 
- wickets 
- gloves 
- helmet
- pads 
Sometimes while playing sports players become careless and at times a bit lazy they do not wear their respective equipment or tools and end up getting injured. While playing any sport we should make sure we have the required equipment and tools for safety purposes. 
By: Tanushka Sharma 
Class:  11 
School: BNPS