Sports As A Career

General News | Jun-30-2020

Sports As A Career

Do you harbor an interest in sports as a career? Do you always imagine yourself holding a bat, racket, or ball in your hand? Do you have a zeal for sports? If yes, then don’t let your passion die. Gone were the days when people had to give a second thought to choose such an elite career. But today, connecting with your passion is the best career one could choose. Work for it, play for it. Recently, we have seen a lot of success in sports as a career. Now sports are being considered as a serious career option even in India.
Sports is still a flourishing industry in India, but if you’re under the impression that a career in sports is all about fame and glamour, there is a different side to it. There is an immense discipline that is required to be eligible for various international level pursuits. Sports today is no longer about a game on the field it is also about the popularity and the pride it brings. Earlier sports were considered as a hobby, but not anymore. Even if you’re not an athlete from your childhood and are still passionate about becoming a sportsperson, there are still options to choose sports as a profession.
In India, or be it any other country people always give it a second thought to choose or not to choose sports as their career. They are worried about the uncertainty of the career and think about what if it does not work out the way they want. There are competition and constant battle in this career and thus, parents are often in the favour of wanting their kids to choose a tangible profession in academics. Sports are considered a high-risk career. Apart from injuries, competitiveness, instability, there are a lot of risks involved in sports which makes parents think twice for their child to get into sports and make it as a profession.
If we compare sports that was 10 years ago and what it is today, there is a remarkable difference. Yet, people feel scared to make sports as their profession. There are many sports colleges and institutes opened in the country to let people get more exposure. It is normal to be anxious to the thought if the career is stable, but following your passion and working really hard towards is never a bad idea. India has huge potential in sports, let’s make another Kapil Dev and Sania Mirza.

By: Surbhi