Sports Day Celebration In My School

General News | Nov-16-2021

Sports Day Celebration In My School

Today, everybody is busy in their hectic life. When people feel a little low, they always recall their childhood days and their school memories. We all have enjoyed that period of our life. Many celebrations are held in my school like Diwali Mela, Annual Day Celebration, Independence Day Celebration, Republic Day Celebration, etc. But my favorite was the Sports Day Celebration.

In my School, many sports are there. I have an interest in all the sports but a student can be chosen for two or three sports only. So whenever we go for our sports period our PT teacher made us play different sports. Before sports day, teachers ask who wants to participate. So many of them give their name and others just enjoy the celebration. There are many sports for the sports day like sprinting events, Football, Basketball, Cricket tournaments, Kho-Kho, etc. Other than these sports, there are many dance performances also. So that athletes get the time to practice and their pressure gets reduced. During the sports day celebration, the school provides refreshments to all the participants and teachers. After every sport, the top three winners get the medals and certificates of their names. In the team games, a whole team gets a medal and trophy. And for fun, the school also organizes some games for the teachers.

After all the games are done the anchor announces the name of the winners of particular sports and after this whole school recides prayer and then the bell rings for the departure and we all disperse. This is how Sports Day is celebrated in my school and these celebrations help the student to get motivated and their tension of studies get reduced. Whenever I recall the school days, I always miss the Sports Day Celebration of my school.

By: Parth Aggrawal

S.D. Public School