Sports Help in Shaping Personality

General News | Dec-23-2020

Sports Help in Shaping Personality

Research has shown that playing badminton, tennis, cricket, or baseball is claimed to enhance mathematical skills in children. It helps develop leadership qualities too and fosters a way of solidarity. Sports inculcate a way of competition and help you affect success and failure with a positive spirit. Playing helps within the development of social skills.

Sports require discipline, assertiveness, and therefore the ability to figure as a team and a willingness to compete without worrying about failure. These positive characteristic traits assist you at your workplace, also as in your interpersonal relationships.

Says Dr Shree Advani, a sports psychologist, “Playing any quiet sport brings out the leader in you. Sports cause you to dig deep into the innermost reserves of your resources to tug out extraordinary performances when needed. It also facilitates an inward journey of self-discovery.”

Perhaps, the foremost important qualities sports inculcate in you're self-esteem and confidence. You learn to require success and failure within the right spirit. Commenting on the type of pressure she has got to face, to win the Olympics, badminton champion Saina Nehwal says in an interview, “People expect me to win. they need me to try to do well but finally, on the court, I'm playing. So I would like to play for myself first, then consider others.” Her attitude shows that she has trained herself to be strong.

Avinash Sinha

Birla School, Pilani