Sports is the Best Stress Reliever

General News | Jun-15-2022

Sports is the Best Stress Reliever

Nowadays, Stress is a problem through which each one of us is suffering in this world. The tight schedule and fixed routine with huge competition create a lot of stress and become a subject of concern. It is very essential to get relieved from this stress which is extremely harmful to the mental health of an individual. So to get relief from the stress we practice various activities and playing "Sports" is indeed the "Best Stress Reliever".

During Sports Activities, many people love to glorify victory on the playing field, play games, or cheer for their favorite teams. Sports is a fun and entertaining pastime and hence, it is a perfect stress reliever or stress buster. Sports and Exercises are well accepted to be good for our bodies and minds. Exercising, especially when we are young has also a sort of health benefits but even when we are old they still play an important role and possess numerous benefits for the body. Fron clearing out bad cholesterol from our arteries, decreasing the risk of stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes to even the stress, the sports help in all these problems. During workouts and Sporting activities, the brain releases several chemicals including "Endorphins" which is none other than the chemical responsible for controlling and decreasing stress.

The various natural hormones released by a brain during sports control pain and pleasure responses in the Nervous System. Increased "Endorphins" by consistent physical activities sharpen the focus, and memory and enhance our mode to relieve the stress. Aside from this, sports are preferred over the gym because according to studies playing individual or team sports have much more benefit than just physical hard work. Sports assure some of the most significant Psychological benefits both in the short and long term. These help in relaxing and getting out of stress and build our personality and develop qualities like teamwork, leadership, learning to trust, demand or give help, and the overall advancement of the body.

By : Parth Aggarwal
S. D. Public School