Sports Role with Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations have since long recognized, advocated for and also supported the essential contributions of sport for the development and peace, with an important record of General Assembly and Human Rights Council resolutions, UN treaties, Secretary-General’s reports and many other leading documents that highlighted the unique potential of sport.
The processes and milestones which have led to the historic adoption of the 2030 Agenda for the Sustainable Development and its 17 Goals (SDGs) in the year 2015 were followed by the amazing Sport for Development and Peace community with their strong interest and further a commitment for continuing use of sport as a unique tool for supporting this new global plan of action.
As a result of these joint efforts, particularly that included UN Member States’ support for recognizing the contribution of sport to the SDGs, Heads of State and also Government and High Representatives that declared in the Political Declaration for the new Agenda which says that this unprecedented recognition gives a compelling incentive and an unmissable chance for further joint efforts and activities in the field Sport for Development and Peace.
With this aspiration of leaving no one at the back and maximizing the contribution of sport for the development of a better and peaceful world, the sport will then continue advancing development as a powerful enabler of the SDGs, as it at that time did for the preceding MDGs.
Sport’s potential should also be therefore revisited in view of the new framework for sustainable development in order for promoting synergies, coherence, and harmonization of programs for the proper implementation of the SDGs.

By: Prerana Sharma

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