Sports teaches children about Teamwork

General News | Aug-07-2020

Sports teaches children about Teamwork

What's Dreamwork without teamwork?
Stepping back in time, no game has ever been won single-handedly. From Basketball to Volleyball, We often hear this word called 'Teamwork' by our coaches which seems quite fascinating to us.
But have you ever wondered! what a Teamwork is? and the way does Sports teaches children about Teamwork?
Teamwork is the combined or collaborative effort of a group to realize a standard goal and to end a task within the simplest and efficient way.
Let's find out how Sports teaches youth the worth of Teamwork.

Cohesiveness and Cooperativeness are the main components of teamwork. It is the golden key to success. Cohesiveness refers to the togetherness, team spirit, binding, mutual attraction, or a sense of belongingness to the group. On the other hand, Co-operating with each other helps children to boosts their self-esteem, self-actualization, and teaches discipline in a challenging environment. When a child's voices are heard and valued, they develop a sense of worth which increases their confidence and encourages them to participate in further activities.
Teamwork also teaches students about their specific roles, norms, and relative social position. For example, The captain of a cricket team has a higher social position or status as compared to the other members, although all are equally important for the team's success.
It also teaches us to socialize with one another which boosts student's enthusiasm and energy level and helps them to enhance their leadership skills for the future.

Being it an employment opportunity or inter-personal relationships, a willingness to work together is a common goal. To make a relationship successful, factors like a compromise, communication, and support are extremely important and thus, play a vital role in trust-building.
Teamwork in sports makes children competitive and unique from each other by allowing them to show their individual personality and different traits being in a group itself. It shows what they've got inside them. It teaches them the actual value of competition and the way one could make it a healthy one. It also teaches us to compete for something together with hard work and smart work!
By preparing our future generation these skills through sports at an early age would help them in successful interactions later in life!

By- Sakshi Bhardwaj