Sports Vs Arts

Sports and Arts Kids:

It may be sports or arts, both are good but, it always seems that their worlds don't intersect. It might be difficult when you have a practice of soccer and dance at the same time. They can be demanding, time- consuming hobbies. But, you always have to keep strength in both sports and arts. Sports means sweat and arts mean practice. Both need a lot of energy. But, somehow both are always good. In the arts, you make the most brilliant drawings and models. In sports, every team practices hard and hard to win. Sportspeople and art people both practice and do hard work. We cheer for sports when the team plays. We also cheer for Art when they perform. In sports, you get to exercise which is good for health. In Arts, you have to perform so you get to learn new words. But, in arts, you get to do things comfortably and in sports, you get to do things not as comfortably as in arts. Sports and arts are extremely different activities. Both are good for health and learning. In sports, we throw perfect spirals and in arts, we throw clay pots. Sports is an activity in which you can get hurt but in arts, you can do your performances with fewer chances of getting hurt. Sports is good for physical health because you do exercise in it. Arts is good for me because you learn new words in it. So, these are the reasons why l feel sports and arts both are necessary for life.

By: Siya Miglani

School: Delhi Public School, GBN

Class: 5th

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