Steps to Manage Stress and Deal with Peer Pressure

General News | Dec-06-2020

Steps to Manage Stress and Deal with Peer Pressure

Peer pressure! Peer pressure is something we all have faced as kids. It can be good sometimes though most of the times it turns out to be bad. In fact, Peer pressure is also the reason why a lot of teenagers start doing drugs in the first place.

But the million-dollar question is not why does peer pressure take place or what are its causes but in fact ‘How should we manage it?’
There are a variety of ways through which we can manage peer pressures some of which I will be talking about today.

Do yoga - Peer preacher causes a lot of stress and anxiety and to do well it is necessary for our mind to be at peace. Yoga is an exercise that largely helps us to keep our peace of mind and thus it is important for us to practice yoga if we don’t want to fall prey to peer pressure.

Talk it out- when you have a problem it is best to talk to someone about it. Anyone whom you trust and a person who can actually give you good advice. You can talk to an elder sibling or your parents or your elder cousins or even teachers you trust.

In some cases, a child might be afraid to talk about such things and that time it is the parent’s duty to send them the message. Maybe by making up stories or maybe by making the child feel comfortable to talk about their problems. So, in the end, peer pressure is not something to be very afraid of. It is just a part of another day in high school. Just it is important to remember that you are not alone and have someone to talk to it about.


Amity International School, Mayur Vihar