The Affects Of Contemporary Teaching Methods

General News | Aug-10-2020

The Affects Of Contemporary Teaching Methods


 There is nothing permanent except change”- Heraclitus

With these words, the famous Greek philosopher Heraclitus meant that the world constantly changes and no two situations are exactly the same. Just as water flows in a river, one cannot touch the exact same water twice when one steps in the river. Change is the law of nature as told by famous philosopher Heraclitus. As time moves by there are several changes which are made in all fields and one such field is education. These days most of us do not study the Vedas but our ancestors did. We usually go to different types of schools; different types of boards and of course different types of teaching methods are adopted by our teachers to make us understand the topics properly.

One such teaching method is Contemporary Teaching Method. Now the question arises that what exactly contemporary teaching method is. The contemporary teaching method is a teaching method that uses the ideas and philosophies before us combining it with one’s own ideas and philosophies to form a new way of teaching which also provides teachers with different ways to engage students in an effective way. Creativity has become a necessity in the classroom and creates new ways to teach. As creativity is important in the classrooms, that is why the teachers are trying to teach in such a way that creativity level boosts. Because creativity is important, teachers are assigning students different types of questions in exam papers like sometimes they ask the students to express their views, ideas, and suggestions on certain topics in the form of essays, debates, etc. For this first, they tap the student’s knowledge, give their point of view, and then after providing a path to the students they let students use their own creativity.

Motivation also plays a vital role in an effective learning process. With this method, it is easy for the teachers to motivate the student towards learning. This motivation also creates an aspiration for the students to do something. As a result, students are able to select their goals and work hard to achieve them which also helps in increasing their productivity level and learn something which will surely help them in the life ahead.

There are some simple and some complex concepts. It is easy for the teachers to deliver lectures on simple concepts but if the teachers want to make children understand the topics in a simpler, fun and in such a way that students become curious to learn and the knowledge lasts long, it is necessary for the teachers to adopt contemporary teaching method. For achieving the best results in the class teachers have to focus on all the students personally because of the mental level of all the students differs. This is a very important part of contemporary teaching and different types of topics have their different type of effectiveness on different students.

Team contemporary teaching has been proved the best in drama and theatrical art classes but it has not been found much effective in mathematics classes, but why? The reason could be that students prefer one teacher to explain the mathematical problems and sums because one might get confused after two explanations and might forget the earlier explanation.

The effect of the contemporary teaching method depends on teacher-teacher, student-student, and mainly the bonding between the student and the teacher.

Written by– Toshani Mehra

Class- 7 A

School- Delhi Public School Greater Noida



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