The Effect on Mental Health in the Digital Age

General News | Jun-03-2024

The Effect on Mental Health in the Digital Age

This has made its effects on mental health a greatly felt issue in society today. This is due to social media use, constant connection, and high information that most individuals face difficulties that harm them in one way or another. The main impact is social comparison and the desire to prove that everything looks perfect on social media, which results in low self-esteem. Also, the habitual use of social media makes people anxious and depressed because we compare ourselves with others and see only the best moments in their lives. The digital age has also altered the concepts of communication where people prefer to communicate online rather than meeting face-to-face which leads to social isolation. In addition, the sheer number of notifications, emails, and messages suggests stress, as well as the inability to focus or even to unwind. Some devices are always being used, hence interfering with sleeping patterns, leading to fatigue, among other illnesses.

Also, the practice of cyberbullying has been realized, which has brought about emotional injuries and psychological trauma to many, especially the youths. On the brighter side, there are also resources for mental health support available in the digital age. Online therapy and mental health apps can be helpful tools to use when it comes to dealing with stress, anxiety, and other conditions. Social media can also be of value to discuss with people, talk about their experiences and spread awareness about mental health problems. In summary, it can be said that the digital age has provided changes that are both positive and negative in the sphere of mental health. Everyone should be conscious of their use of technology and practice moderation and personal wellness to ensure they are healthy in body and mind in this new age era. If you want to learn more about this topic or have other questions on the matter, do not hesitate to ask.

By : Gulshan
Sanskar science academy

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