The Harms Of Screen-Based Learning

Over the past few years, we have seen a rise in online learning or MOOCs or even learners supplementing their studies through online means. there are obviously a lot of benefits of this- anytime learning, boundless information, freedom to learn at your own pace etc, but at the same time there are demerits.

The situation is now compounded- over the past couple of months now, the COVID -19 related lockdown has totally altered the learning landscape.

The new normal is something like this- the students have online classes on many platforms (zoom, Microsoft class, etc). This requires the need to sit continuously for hours on the computer. This probably leads to an increase in screen time, which can be harmful!

Now I would like to tell you some disadvantages of screen-based learning:

1) Sitting for hours in front of the computer could probably give the student neck pain because the student who keeps the laptop or any other device on his /her lap must bend their head unnaturally in order to see the screen. Sometimes the back may get damaged also.

2) As we sit for much time in front of the computer our physical and mental fitness may get damaged and which would result in leaving the students unfit. And also possibly addicted to screen time as a couch potato.

3) A Victoria University study found students could suffer the most from prolonged learning at the computer screen- physically and mentally.

4) There would be an impact on the social lives of students, who may become socially dysfunctional.

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy; all devices and screens, make many a Jack and Jill dull. It is imperative that all stakeholders- educationists, teachers, parents, and learners- realize these harms of online learning and take proactive steps in living a more balanced life.

By: Shreya Pandit

School: Delhi Public School, GBN

Class: 7th




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