The Impact of Playing Basketball on Players’ Physical Health

General News | Jun-23-2022

The Impact of Playing Basketball on Players’ Physical Health

Basketball is one of the most famous sports all over the world. This is a fast-paced game that involves jumping and running and it is beneficial for our health also and it also provides benefits for the workout as it involves your entire body movement. Some of the benefits that we get by playing basketball are:

(1) Provide Strength Training: You will get a full-body workout by playing basketball. This helps in gaining lean muscles. Moreover, it also makes your leg and wrist flexor stronger.

(2) Burn Calories: If any one of you wants to lose some weight then playing basketball for some time will be beneficial for you. Running and jumping while playing basketball delivers benefits like an aerobic workout. An average person burns around 600 calories while playing basketball just for only one hour a day.

(3) Promotes Cardiovascular Health: Playing basketball is beneficial for the health of the heart also. It improves your heart's health because when we play basketball we keep on moving here and there which also increases your heart rate. Moreover, it also helps in building endurance.

(4) Boosts The Immune System: Playing basketball help in reducing stress. Moreover, it makes you feel more energetic and helps to stay focused on the game or any other work. When the depression is low your immune system will get a boost as well.

(5) Build Bone Strength: Physical movement in Basketball helps in improving and building bone strength. Movement in this game helps in forming new bone tissues and makes bone stronger. If you play basketball regularly just for one hour a day then your bones and muscles become stronger and stronger.

So, what do you think the impact of basketball is good or bad for your health. Then start playing basketball and reap its health benefits.

By : Parth Aggarwal
S. D. Public School