The Least Preferred Sport In India

General News | May-08-2021

The Least Preferred Sport In India

While cricket might be a public fixation, hockey is India's public game. Taking a gander at the degree of the mindlessness of the overall population concerning hockey, one wouldn't expect the game to be India's public game.The problem of hockey is very much like the condition of numerous other coordinated games in India under the domain of the Sports Authority of India, a focal government body.The issue with sports other than cricket is like different issues confronting government bodies across numerous areas other than sports – there is a gigantic inadequacy in the norm of offices.

Neeraj Mishra, a game the executives expert paints the image as obviously as could be expected. 'The focal point of our country's financial strategy isn't on building up a brandishing society. This is the core of the issue. On the off chance that you leave to the side created countries who have the assets to prepare their competitors, even nations like China, Brazil, South Africa and other people who are agricultural countries will, in general, improve in Olympics and other major games. This is because they see achievement in sports as an issue critical. India falls behind these countries given a mentality issue and not a supposed lack of ability or expertise'

The point Neeraj makes is fascinating. Consider the FIFA World Cup 2018. You have a nation like Iceland qualifying effectively for the competition occurring in Russia one year from now. The number of inhabitants in Iceland is about 330,000. To place this in the setting, the number of inhabitants in Jalandhar, a moderately little modern town in Punjab is around 850,000. On the off chance that Iceland can send a group to the World Cup (with all due regard to Iceland), definitely India with a populace of over a billion can send a group to the World Cup.

By : Jyoti Nayak

Birla School, Pilani