The Power Of Movies

Movies are the biggest source of entertainment in today’s time. Not just India, this world is a place where movie stars are treated as gods and goddesses. They treat them as their idols and preach what they say. People become what they watch. Be it good or bad, they follow their idols blindly believing that the actors won’t misguide them. They don’t consider the fact that movies can have both positive and negative impacts on our lives.
The film industry is one of the most impactful sectors of modern society. Comedy shows make us laugh, thriller shows help us see the world from an improved perspective, and historical films help us understand where we’ve come from as a people. Every film reflects society and transforms opinions. But not always, this is when the content makers show us the actual and true thing. One false or misleading thing can create a very bad and negative effect on the people.
Today we see a lot of TV shows promoting nudity and sexuality, which for younger people or children is not good. What we see on TV and films is a reflection of your society. This type of content portrays a bad image of the society resulting in disrespectful behavior of the youngsters towards the society. Movies are evidently very impactful in today’s world. And because the positive impacts outweigh the negatives, it is our duty to choose the right content for the right audience and to protect young minds from the content that would corrupt their feelings and opinions.
A person has a habit of imitating, so whenever he sees a film star he tries to imitate. The imitation can lead to positive as well as negative impacts. Positive impacts involve the increase of knowledge or analytical skill, change in opinions. Whereas the negative impact can lead to violence, talking to elders in a disrespectful way, and learning the foul language.
Thus, when the content creators are aware of the fact that such is the impact of their creation on the people of this society, it should be their duty to make sure the content is going to impact society in a good way. Also, it should be the duty of the citizens as well to ensure that the type of content they are watching makes them a better person, and not worse.

By: Surbhi Singh



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