The Virtue Of Self-Restraint

General News | Sep-06-2020

The Virtue Of Self-Restraint
Self-restraint or self-control is the ability to control yourself or to have patience. For example, you have failed in tests 4 to 5 times but you still manage to be patient and control yourself from getting impulsive. In such a condition you have used your power self-control or self-restraint. Another daily life example from the above topic is:- you are overweight and you love junk food, but now you have decided to lose your weight and quit junk food. Many days have been passed and you have not even touched any kind of junk food so this is your ability of self-restraint. You are holding yourself back from junk food. 
Self-restraint in human beings life is really important.

1) Self-restraint helps you to be determined and patient towards your goals or aims in life.
2) You can handle critical situations the better way as you will not lose your patience and will analyze the situation and try to find a solution.

3) Self-control is really important for the youth as well, at times it has been noticed that whenever any elder scolds or tries to explain something children immediately answer back immediately or even insult their elder due to lack of patience. 

4) Addiction to anything is bad. Self-restraint helps you to follow a balanced lifestyle, where you do things in a precise manner. 

5) self-restraint helps you lead a better lifestyle. A person who can control him or herself will lead to a positive life. A person will always be calm.
Everyone should understand that self-restraint is really important to inbuild this habit, we should practice yoga and meditation so that our concentration and focus increases. 

By: Tanushka Sharma