Todays Era : Best Sports for Teenagers

General News | Oct-02-2020

Todays Era : Best Sports for Teenagers

Many people have different opinions on this topic. Some say it is cricket while others say football. Some might tell you that lacrosse is the best and some would say hockey.

But personally, I would recommend 2 sports i.e. Basketball and chess. These are two words that you would rarely here together in the same sentence if it is not “basketball and chess and two completely different sports!”

But that is exactly what makes them the best combination for a teenager. Both physical and mental fitness are very important and thus it should be made sure that a child receives the required exercises to make his/her body and mind strong. That is why it is important to provide the child with sports that help in the improvement of both during the growing age i.e. the teenager.

Basketball is a sport that needs a flexible and fit body. Basketball players are not encouraged to do very heavy weight lifting as that makes their bodies stiff. They are encouraged to do yoga and other stretching exercises to make their body flexible.

Chess players have a tendency to get a stiff back due to the position they sit in and thus many parents do not want their children to play the sport but with basketball in the picture that would not be a problem.

So in the end I would like to say that the best sports for a teenager depend on his/her likening but I would recommend that they play sports so that they can balance their mind and body health. 


Class: 9 

Amity International School, Mayur Vihar