Top 5 Rappers In India

General News | Jun-08-2020

Top 5 Rappers In India

With a new generation comes new and creative styles of music. One of them being hip hop music better known as rap music [rhythm and poetry music].These funky rhythms are so hooking that you forget whatever you are and just enjoy these beats. India has seen this as an emerging talent and here are 5 rap gods in India who have been doing a wonderful job in giving us these beats.

First and the foremost is from the slums of Kurla, the young boy, Naezy. Naved Shaikh, better known as Naezy is a 22year old boy. He made his debut by an upload of his own music video “Aafat!” which he made using an iPad. He got popular with his rap “Mere Gully Mein” in collaboration with Divine. The fictional version of this song was later made in the movie “Gully Boy”.
Next on the list is Divine. If you ever want to get your groove back then this guy is the “Asli” hip-hopper in the country. As the name suggests he has got godly powers when it comes to raps. His debut music video was “Jungli Sher” and gained popularity with his collaboration with Naezy in “Mere Gully Mein”. His other famous albums are “vibe hai”; “kaam 25”; ‘Yeh Mera Bombay”.
An extremely passionate rapper Emiway Bantai made his way on the list of best rappers in quite a short time. In 2014, he uploaded his Hindi rap “aur bantai” on his YouTube channel. He failed the 12th standard and has suffered depression. He now has a verified YouTube account with a huge fan following. His popular songs are “machayenge”, “samajh me aaya kya ” and “boht hard”.
Raftaar is one of the big rappers of the industry and has put a lot of effort to do the same. He and Emiway have known to be into diss-war quite a lot. He debuted with his two mates Lil Golu and Ikka by recording songs and uploading them on social media sites. His some of the known songs: “swag mera desi ”, “meri baari ”.
Last but definitely not the least, one of the most loved rapper of all time, Yo Yo Honey Singh. This Punjabi rapper took a break in 2016. His first album was “International Villager”. He is a rapper whose songs are still hummed by the generation and are definitely unforgettable. No matter how old the songs are they still appear new every time you hear them.
These rap gods have worked day and night to come to a stage where they stand as individuals in front of the whole world. And most importantly given us songs which will be remembered by future generations as a golden period of rap songs.

By: Saanvi Gupta

School: Delhi Public School, GBN

Class: 10th