Table Tennis and It's Benefits

General News | Nov-08-2020

Table Tennis and It's Benefits

Table tennis he a hobby for some people while for others it is their job, for some, it is a stress buster and for others a way to kill time. Some make it an excuse to hang out with friends or some give it their heart and soul as they love the game.

All sports have one or other benefits. Sports such as table tennis teaches us some of the most important traits that we as children ought to learn. These traits are friendship, teamwork, leadership, support, faith, hard work, girth and determination and trust. Table tennis is a sport that most people classify as a one-player sport as they don’t understand how it helps make a child learn teamwork. Though what most people are not aware of is the fact that table tennis is played in teams of two players as well.

Table tennis teaches a person to respect other teams and their teammates. It teaches them to play fair and never become arrogant. If they won, they should be humble and congratulate the other team when they lose.

Table tennis also acts as a great stress buster and helps to make people feel better when they are feeling sad. It also helps them to calm their minds and concentrate on their work. It also helps them to take important decisions with an open mind and also teaches them to work in a team and thus take the best decisions as a team. Table tennis is a great sport, as it is a physical sport that is played indoors and is not affected by rain or snow. Table tennis is a unique sport played in the Olympics that has one the love of millions and millions of people.

Amity International School, Mayur Vihar