Understanding Sports

General News | Apr-13-2021

Understanding Sports

India has been practicing sports since ancient times. Children, in particular, are very fond of playing sports as a part of leisure or sometimes even passion. Many competitions sports activities on different levels are organized for maximum participation of children and youth of the country.

Sports nurture our lives in many ways. It teaches us discipline and continuity in work to achieve the goal. It keeps us fit both physically and mentally and keeps us active and efficient throughout the day. It is the best way to entertain and contemplate in such a polluted and pressurized environment where everyone is ready to give stress and create problems for others. It increases concentration level and memory strength and fills the mind with optimistic thoughts.

Sports is not just about physical exercise but also means to boost the concentration level of students towards study. A common saying about sports is that "a sound mind in a sound body" means that a fit body must have a working mind so that it can grow and achieve success in life.

The health of the body is vital for staying healthy throughout life, similarly mental and intellectual fitness is also required to focus fully on the goal. Playing the game brings the highest level of self-confidence and teaches us discipline which stays with us all our life. Motivating children for sports and making them interested in sports should be started at home and school level with equal participation from parents and teachers. Games and sports become very interesting and can be played by anyone at any time but for better achievement of goals in study or other, one should practice it from childhood.

The best player is selected from the schools or students playing well at the state level. Assumption towards sports in India has changed and it has become a good area to gain popularity and success. It is no different from education and it is not necessary that if one is playing a good sport then one does not need good education or if one is doing well in education then one should not join the game.

Sports and education are two main factors, which means success. Students must fiddle sports in schools. Teachers and parents should encourage children at their level to play sports for their development as well as to create the future of the country.

By- Simran Raghav

Content- https://www.jhs.ac.in/6-reasons-why-sports-is-important-in-a-students-life.php