Urban and Rural Population Disbalance

General News | May-05-2022

Urban and Rural Population Disbalance

Rural and Urban population disbalance isn’t a new thing. It’s been there for a few decades now, just it is overlooked by people. A perfect definition of a developing country would be when education, health, and industrialization are something that can be found in every part of the country. This is the case for many places in India or shorter words the metro cities, but not in the interiors.

Let’s take the recent situation of Covid as an example. Covid started spreading and a lockdown was announced. Schools, colleges, and offices all were shut down and all work was done online. Schools started online classes and things were running smoothly; that was the case in the urban cities. The education for the kids in the rural sector was affected badly. Getting internet in rural areas is hard, let alone running classes for an entire day.

Due to a lack of education and job opportunities, many people move the urban cities and settle there, because of this, there occurs a disbalance in the population of both the areas. There are very few people who come back to their hometowns and spread their knowledge and work on developing their specific area.

The only way to fix this disbalance is to develop the rural areas instead of just focusing on the urban cities. The first and foremost thing is to build hospitals with actual trained and experienced professionals. Secondly, we need to build a good schooling infrastructure with qualified and experienced teachers.

Now that we all know how the online mode of education works, we can fix the electricity and water situation in a lot of villages and towns and get proper high-speed broadband connections and have all the kids sit in one room and have a qualified teacher teach through online platforms. A teacher could be sitting in any remote location and the children could be learning from the teacher sitting outside of their residences. This way good quality education can be spread in all the places and our country's literacy rate will go up and a lot of the rural areas can develop and become just as good as the metro cities. This way the rural and urban disbalance can be balanced out.