Water Sports

General News | Nov-07-2020

Water Sports

As the name suggests, water sports are sports which are played on water. They can be played on the water like wakeboarding or in the water like scuba diving.

 Such sports usually involve our complete body’s muscles therefore making them a great exercise for our whole body. Also, the water is gentle for achy and weak joints. Thus, making it good for people suffering from arthritis.

Water sports usually involve sports like surfing, rafting, swimming, water polo, aqua jogging, kite surfing, yachting, spearfishing, cave diving, parasailing, powerboating and a lot other sport!

Here are some examples of water sports which you can play in India and where can you play them, Water sports in Goa:

  • Wakeboarding: In this sport, the rider stands on a small board commonly called a wakeboard. Its techniques made from the mix of surfing, water skiing and snowboarding techniques.
  •  Jet-skiing: This sport is considered a great sport for developing concentration and balancing skills. It also comes under the category of the easiest water sports.

Water sports in the Andaman Islands:

  • Scuba diving: We all want to experience the underwater world at least once in our life. If you also want to then this sport is just for you! With complete safety precautions, the experts take you to a completely different underwater world.
  • Kayaking: Kayak is a type of boat used in this sport. It’s a delight factor to row a kayak along the mangroves in Andaman.

Water sports in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand:

  • Body surfing: As the name suggests, body surfing is a type of surfing usually in which no surfboard is used and only one’s body is used to tackle the waves.
  • Canoeing: This sport is similar to kayaking. Just the only difference is between the boats used. Canoes usually have an open top.

So now, let’s wish that coronavirus goes away soon so that we can plan an adventurous vacation with our families soon!

Toshani Mehra

Delhi Public School, Greater Noida