Ways to Control Pollution

Pollution is something which makes our environment unclean, dirty or harmful to us. These days it is also a very big problem. It is broadly divided into 4 parts that are: -

Air pollution- It is the contamination of air by harmful gases, chemicals, smoke, etc. It is caused by the burning of fossil fuels, smoke from factories, indoor air pollution, etc.

Water pollution- It is the addition of harmful substances like oil, chemicals, etc, in clean and natural water bodies. Humans are its main cause because of us, and the industrial waste, household waste, oil leakages, etc, the chemicals make the water unfit for several tasks.

Soil or land pollution- Due to the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc, over the years, these chemicals pollute the soil whereas, on the land, the garbage is the main cause of pollution.

Noise pollution- It is the most common form of pollution in urban areas. The harmful unwanted noises which harm animals, birds, and even humans are a part of it.

Why is it important to prevent pollution?

Its main reason is to provide a healthy life to the future generations as pollution disbalances the ecosystem, causes harmful diseases and also it can some of the other day finish life on earth.

How to prevent pollution?

Ways to prevent air pollution- 

  • Reduce the uses of vehicles.
  • Avoid burning stuff like garbage.
  • Avoid smoking.

Ways to prevent water pollution- 

  • Don't dispose of household cleaning liquids or detergents in the sink as they contain chemicals.
  • Don't put oil or starchy water in the sink.
  • Don't flush medicines.

Ways to prevent soil or land pollution-

  • Avoiding fertilizers and pesticides made up of chemicals.
  • Encouraging the use of organic manure and fertilizers which are eco friendly.
  • Dispose of or throw everything in the right place.

Ways to prevent noise pollution-

  • Use minimum electronic devices.
  • Don't honk until an emergency.
  • Avoid burning firecrackers.



Written by-

Toshani Mehra

Class : 7

Delhi World Public School

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