What Are Dreams?

General News | Mar-18-2021

What Are Dreams?

An intriguing phenomenon that has gripped scientists for ages is Dreams. The reason why a brain creates a series of images revolving around a theme while the body is asleep is still a baffling mystery. Several theories have been put forth by researchers and scientists about why dreams occur. But there hasn’t been any compelling answer and thus, the question remains wide open for debate.

The closest scientists have come to define dreams is that they are a state of unconsciousness manipulated by sensory, cognitive, and emotional occurrences during sleep. A person does not hold the ability to control dreams. Another controversy revolving around the subject is Do Dreams Have Meaning? While some researchers and psychologists believe that dreams reflect a person’s real-life circumstances and have meaning, others believe that dreams are not comprehensible enough to hold an explanation. The two phenomena are recognized based on researches known as “continuity hypothesis” and “discontinuity hypothesis”.

The logic behind nightmares is still not explicit, but facts show that nightmares can seed stress and anxiety in a person. It can interfere with their efficient functioning. Recurring nightmares can even induce mental health issues for a person.

Studies have thrown light on various aspects of dreams. Some people dream in color while some dream in black and white. They usually transpire from a first-person perspective. Dreams don’t always hold elucidation, they may be illogical at times. Purposes of dreams have been highly debated. It has been suggested that dreams may have the purpose of strengthening our memories and processing one’s as well as other’s emotions.

On that account, it can be concluded that dreams hold a great significance in a person’s life. Whether or not they hold any meaning or reflect the subconscious thoughts of a person, dreams still play a very important role in our cognitive functioning. It might be a few more years until experts gain a good knowledge on the subject, but we can conjecture that dreams are a bizarre aspect that will unfold numerous mysteries when they will be unraveled.

By: Siman Raghav

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